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Let’s look into some of the benefits professional residential landscaping can afford you and your family.


Investing in your commercial landscape will provide numerous advantages to your business.

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Not everyone can do a perfect job when it comes to landscaping. It requires attention to detail and experience, especially since when the outcome needs to look neat and pretty, and that all depends on the landscaper. With that said, a landscaping company is all you need to make sure that the first view of your home is properly cared for.

As For the Principles of Design

We Observe

















For this one, variety means to make the arrangement more diverse; mix the shape, size, and form to produce visual interest. However, we assure you that we do not forget the principle of simplicity.

We obey these elements and principles strictly and know them by heart. We are a landscaping company and we assure you that we know exactly what we are doing.

Landscaping Design

We at Castro Family Landscaping integrate advanced landscaping design education, extensive horticultural knowledge, and skills coupled with years of hands-on experience to bring about a functional and charming space for your outdoor living. We provide expansive landscape planning and design services that will perfectly suit every client’s needs. We also do landscaping maintenance in Austin TX.

Tree Services

Castro Family has been in the industry for so many years– that is why we are confident in bringing you the best Tree Services. We do Tree PruningTree TrimmingTree RemovalTree PlantingTree TransplantingStump RemovalLogging and Land Clearing, and Emergency Tree Services.

Our Lawn Care Services

Confidently we at Castro Family Landscaping bring out the best in the services we provide. With years of hands-on experience and expertise, we do provide high quality of lawn care services. Our company employs staff guided with extensive knowledge delivering excellent service that will surely provide client’s satisfaction.

Our Lawn Care Services Simply Work by These 3 Steps


We’ll arrive at your property and get to work! Our standard service includes mowing, edging, and blowing for your front and back yards. Be sure to leave your back gate unlocked on the day of service.


We will let you know that the job is complete and provide any quotes for other services you may have requested during scheduling.


Share $10 off for their first service you also receive $10 towards your next service.


Choose your services, and get an immediate price. Then, simply pick a service window that works for you and check out.

Allow us to Give You a Makeover

Our landscaping company only hires individuals who are perfectly capable of mastering the craft of landscaping.

What is Landscaping

Landscaping means to make improvements or maintain past improvements on the property grounds, usually the front and back yards of a home. These improvements are done due to practicality or aesthetic purposes.

Our Landscaping Company Does Only What is Best

We adhere to both the Elements of Art and Principles of Design from the Basic Principles of Landscape Design as written in the article in the University of Florida by Dewayne L. Ingram in June 1991. They are guidelines that can be used to be able to walk through the improvements with ease.

For the Elements of Art, We Look at Color, Line, Form, Texture, and Scale.

An example of this element is the perception of the distance can be due to its color. One idea that trained artists know is that warm colors (such as red, yellow, and orange) tend to make things look closer, whereas cool colors (like blue, purple, and pink) make it seem like it is further from where it actually is.

Mowing, Edging, and Blowing as Low as $30


Landscaper That Work Hard Around the Austin, TX

We are a landscaping company based in Austin, TX. But do not let the headline fool you! We do not stop there! We go a long way and we do not have any plans on hindering ourselves from any challenge. Give us everything you have got and we are going to give twice the best solution there is for you!

We offer the best, affordable, and most competitive prices there are. We are hardworking and very well-experienced to handle your landscaping problems. Our job is to make you happy with both the outcome and our service!

Want to make your front and/or backyard more clean and presentable? Or maybe you just want it to look pretty? Either way, give us a call and we will get right back to you ASAP!

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