Best Landscaping Company & Tree Services in Austin, TX

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Best Landscaping Company & Tree Services in Austin, TX

7.00 am – 7.00 pm

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Garden Maintenance

A landscape is a picture of a whole. One element or part cannot exist naturally and beautifully without the other. A garden is one part of a landscape beauty, and it needs to be maintained. Garden maintenance is necessary. Should you worry about garden maintenance? It may take a lot of tasks to do it on your own. But we have professionals to do the maintenance for you?

At Castro Family Landscaping, we assure you a 100% satisfaction guarantee in all our services, particularly in garden maintenance as part of our lawn care services. We satisfy your needs at a reasonable cost of maintenance.

Our Garden Maintenance Services

We do our maintenance service regularly to keep your garden healthy and beautiful through:

Lawn Care

One of our standard services in lawn care is mowing either by hand or using a riding lawnmower. We also do strimming or cut lawn grass using hand, power, or riding mowers.

Pulling out weeds or weeding

We regularly maintain your garden through weeding.

Applying Fertilizers and pesticides

We apply fertilizers to the ground, grass, and plants to enhance growth. To get rid of pests such as mosquitos, wasps, ticks, and others, we apply pesticides.

Clearing out the garden

We tidy your garden by clearing out whatever needs to be cleaned out that causes danger or hazard. We do rake grounds as necessary.

Trimming or cutting

We trim shrubs, lawns, flower beds, and walls.


We do timely and proper pruning to maintain your garden.


We plant flowers, grass, shrubs, and bushes as necessary or needed.

The Importance of Garden Maintenance

Castro Family Landscaping knows and understands the needs and maintenance of your garden. We assure our client a satisfactory result in bringing your garden to life through our regular maintenance. So, why is Garden maintenance important?

Promotes an Artistic View

A clean, pretty-looking, and well-maintained garden invites wellness and attraction. It improves the overall well-being of your home or property. It will add value to your property that you may consider as your investment.

Provides Clean and Safe Area

Cleaning and maintaining your garden regularly will create a safe environment for children or anyone for them to relax, play, or explore. Remember, safety always comes first.

Save money

You wonder why and how? Taking your yard for granted will cost you more money than keeping it maintained regularly. It will cost you even more when cleaning up gets out of your control. Seeking or hiring professional help to maintain it will save you more money as we at Castro Family landscaping offers a reasonable price value for your maintenance service.

Improves your Mental Health

Living and looking at a clean and fresh garden will boost your mood and well-being. It could inspire you and give you a positive outlook in life. Regular garden maintenance will enhance your mental health as you spend your time outdoors enjoying the beautiful scenery you have in your own home or property.

Castro Family Landscaping Professional Service

We create and make beauty on your home or property through our landscaping craft. We serve you; We arrive at your property timely and get to work. We regularly maintain your lawn to keep it healthy and conserve its beauty.
We create, We serve, and We maintain

What more can you ask? Hire us now, and we are ready to serve you, or you may continue to Browse and learn more about our offered lawn care services.

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