Best Landscaping Company & Tree Services in Austin, TX

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Best Landscaping Company & Tree Services in Austin, TX

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Premium Castro Lawn Care Services

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Lawn Seeding

You can not just magic a beautiful lush lawn. We professionals have that secret behind achieving a beautiful lawn or yard. Do you want to know about it? Seek our professional help at Castro Family Landscaping, and we will give you the best lawn seeding service that will keep your lawn looking great and green.

Is it your first lawn? Your brand new yard?; Or are you tending it for years? Do you want professional help in seeding your lawn? Here comes our professional lawn care service at Castro Family Landscaping.

In achieving your lush green lawn, seeding your yard is always your first step.

Our Lawn Seeding Services

  1. We Establish a Goal

    What is our goal? Our goal is to make your lawn healthy, lush, green and beautiful. In establishing that goal, preparation is the most critical part of lawn seeding.

  2. Time the task right.

    We follow the right timing and the best time or season of the year in planting grass seeds.

  3. Prepare the area and soil.

    Once you choose an area for a lawn, we have to prepare the soil well before seeding or planting. In preparing the area; we do an area inspection; we rake or remove debris, clippings, and thatch.

  4. Correct existing lawn problems.

    Existing lawn problems may come from the soil. We do a soil test to ensure beautiful results, but it can be optional. We can still yield achievable results as long as we prepare the soil correctly and follow test recommendations for using soil amendments and nutrients for lawn seeding to improve it. And that is what we make sure to follow and provide our clients.

  5. Choose the right grass seeds.

    Selecting a quality grass seed product is our forte because we believe that better seeds yield better lawn. We guarantee you a quality product and an excellent result as we choose a grass seed that is right for your lifestyle, budget, and location.

  6. Spread the seeds appropriately.

    It is necessary to even out the surface as we spread the seeds; and work when the air is calm so that grass seeds will distribute evenly. Of Course, we do not want peaks and valleys in your lawn. We use a suitable lawn spreader in applying grass seeds.

  7. Fertilize seeded areas.

    We seed and then feed. It is necessary to feed your new grass seedlings right away. There are different types of grass seeds and fertilizer. And they require different kinds of spreaders; choosing a suitable lawn spreader is necessary.

  8. Keep lawn well-watered

    Newly seeded lawn needs consistent moisture. We keep seed and soil moist with frequent waterings. Light waterings once or twice a day for the first few days, then heavily for another few days if the weather is hot and dry to keep the top inch of the soil consistently moist but not soggy. Then water them as needed to encourage deep, healthy grassroots and prevent wilting.

  9. Regular maintenance

    We sure to keep your lawn well maintained, looking at its best, making it lush, green, healthy, and beautiful. We do have a proactive lawn maintenance plan that we do diligently for our client’s satisfaction.

Seeding your lawn is beneficial in preventing lawn diseases, fighting weeds, and improving turf density. Thus taking care of your lawn does not end after lawn seeding; once seeded; It still need proper care:

Proper care for seeded lawn:

  • Mulch
  • Water
  • Mow
  • Proper irrigation
  • Follow-up care and maintenance

You care, we care. We have a lot of lawn care services to offer. Continue to browse and learn more of the various lawn care services that we will provide when you get our professional help.

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