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Residential Landscaping

An expertly done residential landscaping will tremendously increase the market value of your home. You may even be surprised that home buyers will be willing to come up with your asking price when they see how charming your lawn is.

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Investing on Residential Landscaping

Residential landscaping entails enhancing the aesthetic and functional value of the area surrounding one’s home. It is a reflection of the homeowners’ personality and creates a lasting first impression. In addition, residential landscaping in Austin, Tx, when executed by a team of trustworthy, talented, and skilled professionals will, without a doubt, exponentially increase a home’s market value. Castro Family Landscaping, LLC guarantees that your yard will look exquisite throughout the four seasons of the year. More importantly, you will be enjoying the tranquility of being in your own private oasis just beyond your front doors. So step out and bask in the sights and sounds of nature right within your garden, you deserve it!

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Benefits of Residential Landscaping

Let’s look into but some of the benefits professional residential landscaping can afford you and your family.

Physical, Emotional and Mental Well-being

Studies have shown that being surrounded by nature stabilizes one’s blood pressure and improves blood circulation. Spending time in the sunshine amidst greeneries reduces stress and anxiety as it improves attention span and memory.

Allows you to do your share in caring for the environment

All sorts of plants filter the air of pollutants such as dust, smoke, and harmful gasses like carbon dioxide while providing us with precious pure oxygen.
Plants and trees also filter pollutants and sediments from the water before they contaminate the bodies of water that serve as sources for drinking.
Trees, specifically their roots, are also great at preventing flooding and soil erosion.
Not only you, but the whole neighborhood as well will reap the rewards that your greeneries can provide.

Energy Efficiency

Save on your electricity bills

Being an expert in residential landscaping and always passionate about doing more than expected, Castro Family Landscaping, LLC combines beauty and practicality. We will plan the layout of your yard in a way that trees, plants, and hardscapes can effectively provide shade and cooler temperatures around your home decreasing the need for air conditioning, and alternatively, windbreaks to reduce heater consumption. Water drainage will also be markedly improved to prevent flooding. That leaves you with a lawn that is visually pleasing yet functional.